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Continuing Education

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Raman Spectroscopy with Deep UV Excitation (Aug. 2004)
Renishaw, Inc.
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Dr. Richard Bormett

Infrared Spectral Imaging (Feb. 2004)
PerkinElmer Instruments
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Thomas Byron

Microspectrophotometry for Forensic Analysis (Dec. 2003)
CRIAC, Technologies
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Dr. Paul Martin

Contract Officer's Technical (June, 2002)
Representative Training
FBI Academy
Quantico, VA

Multivariate Data Analysis using Pirouette TM Software (April 2003)
Infometrix, Inc.
Seattle, WA

Recent Advances in Applied Chemometrics (Nov. 98)
Workshop at the Eastern Analytical Symposium
Somerset, NJ

Management Problems of the Technical Person in a Leadership Roll (Aug. 98)
Fred Pryor Seminars
Fredericksburg, VA

How to Manage Multiple Projects, Meet Deadlines, and Achieve Objectives (July 14, 1998)
Fred Pryor Seminars
Fredericksburg, VA   

Advanced Microsoft Power Point (April 1998)
FBI Headquarters
Washington, DC

How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times (March 1998)
Lessons in Leadership
University of Richmond
The Management Institute
Dr. Tom Peters

Raman Spectroscopy with Near IR Excitation (Dec. 1997)
Renishaw, Inc.
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Dr. Richard Bormett

Analytical Raman Spectroscopy (Oct., 1997)
FACSS Workshop
FACSS Meeting, Providence, RI
Dr. Richard McCreery

Raman and Infrared Chemical Imaging (Oct., 1997)
Society of Applied Spectroscopy Workshop
FACSS Meeting, Providence, RI
Dr. Patrick Treado & Dr. Neil Lewis

FTIR Advanced Omnic Software (Oct. 1997)
Nicolet Instrument Corp.
FBI, JEH Building
Washington, DC
Dr. Robert Julian

Effective Writing (Spring 1997)
University of Virginia extension course
FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Ginny Field

Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data (Oct. 1995)
ACS Short Course
FACSS Meeting, Cincinnati, OH
Dr. Stanley Deming & Dr. Stephen Morgan

Capcon Internet (December, 1994)
Washington, DC

Contract Officer's Technical (April, 1994)
Representative Training
FBI Sponsored
Engineering Research Facility
Quantico, VA

Color Measurement (April 1994)
Hunter Associate's Laboratory, Inc.
Instructor: Gordan Leggatt

Forensic Microscopy (Oct. 1989)
McCrone Research Institute
Instructor: David Stoney

Computer Integrated Laboratory (March 1988)
ACS Course, Pittsburgh Conference
Instructor: Raymond Dessy

Nicolet Infrared Spectrometer Training (May 1987)
Nicolet Analytical Instruments, Madison, WI
Instructor: Robert Julian

Molecular Microspectroscopy Workshop (June 1985)
Miami University, Miami OH
Instructor: Jack Katon

Polymer IR Spectrometry (Aug. 1984)
ACS Course, Case Western University
Instructor: Jack Koenig

Gas Chromatography (May 1982)
Perkin-Elmer Corp., Norwalk, CT
Instructor: Les Ettre

Thermal Analysis (Jan. 1982)
Perkin-Elmer Corp., Norwalk, CT

Computers in the Laboratory (Nov. 1981)
ACS Seminar Audio Course, Perkin-Elmer Corp, Norwalk, CT
Instructor: David Binkley

Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (Sept. 1981)
Princeton Gamma Tech, Princeton, NJ

Technical Writing, (March 1981)
ACS Short Course, Pittsburgh Conference

IR Spectroscopy I & II (July 1977 & 78)
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
Instructor: Dana Mayo

Fortran IV Workshop (May 1975)
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Instructor: Taylor Booth

Modern Analytical Liquid Chromatography (Nov. 1974)
Water's Associates, Milford, MA
Instructor: Bill Dark

Computer Interfacing (June 1973)
ACS Short Course, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Instructor: Raymond Dessy

Technicon Industrial Auto Analyzer II (April 1971)
Technicon Inst. Corp., Tarrytown, NY

Self Study:
How to Deal with Difficult People (Feb., 1998)
Audio Cassette
CareerTrack Publications
Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner

The Tao of Leadership (Feb., 1998)
Humanics Limited, Atlanta, GA (1985)
John Heider

How to Manage Projects, Priorities and Deadlines (Feb., 1998)
Audio cassette
National Press Publications
Jonathon and Susan Clark

How to Get Results With People (Feb., 1998)
Video Cassette
CareerTrack Publications
Jeff Salzman

Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People (Continuing Reading)
Fireside (Simon & Schuster), New York (1994)
Stephen R. Covey

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (August 1995)
Simon & Schuster, New York (1989)
Stephen R. Covey


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